Men Are Dyeing Their Beards To Become Manicorns

Diply 1 May 2017

Unicorns are having a moment. Seriously, from rainbow hair color to coffee drinks, for the past few months, the magical mythical creatures have been absolutely everywhere. We've also seen them take form in makeup and nail art because the internet exists and creates beautiful things, but rainbow unicorn beards are the newest addition to that list that we didn't quite expect. Kristen Leanne is a cruelty-free makeup artist and blogger who decided to transform her husband Ryan into a magical manicorn with colorful mascara on his facial hair. But, alas this simple tutorial is not the only way that once can transform their boyfriend into a magical creature! There are other options like glitter and flowers, too! Need some inspiration? Keep on scrolling, your man — or shall we say manicorn — will thank us later.

Does your boyfriend love millennial pink as much as we do? Give him a pink glitter beard!

Instagram | @glitterbeards

It doesn't get more millennial than that, tbh.

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Gold is also a gorgeous option, don't you think?

Instagram | @glitterbeards

24k magic in the aiiiiiiiir. Would that make this a Brunicorn? Sorry, I'll go home.

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This rainbow glitter beard could be the best one so far.

Instagram | @vgmoore

Side note: this would be perfect for pride parades, too!

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No long facial hair? No problem! Go for a short glitter beard.

Instagram | @alejandrotheking

Seriously, this royal blue manicorn is giving me life rn.

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Here is the finished look of the original manicorn, and it is super adorable.

Instagram | @kristenxleanne

Plus, so easy to do. Kristen used Pop Beauty Lashy Flashy Mascaras for the color, so there is no bleach, and it washes right out!

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Of course, if your man is completely committed, you can do the entire bleach and dye process.

Instagram | @therainbowbeard

I mean, it is pretty frickin' awesome.

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This flower beard is perfect for your totally-not-a hipster boyfriend.

Instagram | @fashionize.mi

You can always make a cute lil matching flower crown, too! Unicorn couple goals.

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Again, if he is a man of commitment, go for flower brows, mustache, goatee, and chest hair, too.

Instagram | Instagram

Flower power manicorn!

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This rose flower beard is prettier than I will ever be.

Instagram | @dzwinda

I hate how much I love this one. I almost wish that I had a beard JUST so I could do this.

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So, whatever personal style your manicorn might have, no doubt that one of these looks will look absolutely magical on him.

Instagram | @johnnyo_1974
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